About Memory & Company

What Is Memory & Company?

We are the “Gold Standard” in Memory Care Facilities. Many families who are affected by memory loss often feel they are alone whether they are the person with the memory loss or the caregiver.  Memory & Company provides respite and support to the caregiver, and a beautiful, rewarding, and engaging place for the person living with memory loss.

Memory & Company offers an upscale, Club for adults with most types of memory loss.  We care for those living with Alzheimer’s, Vascular Dementia, Parkinson’s, Lewy Body dementia, Acquired Brain Injuries (ABI), Frontotemporal Dementia and even rare types of dementia that affect a person’s memory.  We provide socialization, failure-free and success-oriented programs, safety, care-assistance, interactive gourmet meals, activities of daily living, overnight accommodations, as well as respite and caregiver support.

Memory & Company was created because dementia is reaching epidemic levels.   Ashley and Victor Kwong, the founders of Memory & Company, dreamed of a place where people living with memory loss could spend their days in an enriching environment.

Memory & Company gives people choice, and the option to remain out of “the system”.  Memory & Company focuses on their Members, their likes and dislikes, and caters our food and programming to them.  We are here to support those with memory loss and their caregivers through managing this challenging disease through empathetic and personalized support in a rewarding, adult oriented and visually pleasing environment.

The Memory & Company Program

Recreation Based Memory Care

Memory & Company offers seamless programs and activities throughout the day that will interest our Members.  The Recreation Manager designs the monthly recreation calendar based on the interests of our Members as received by our Members Personal Profile.  We focus on activities that encompass the whole person and offer stimulation intellectually, physically, spiritually, and emotionally.  Activities of daily living (ADL’s) will also be the centre of the programs we offer.  Our activities will focus on failure-free, success-oriented programing to encourage Member participation in a warm and empathetic environment.

Planned and impromptu programs will be offered throughout the day.

Small group programming will be encouraged, rather than large scale programming.

Connecting with Members: Our Techniques

Memory & Company prides ourselves in using approaches based on communicating within our Members’ frame of reference. We look at how our Members see the world and interact with them in respect to their reality, or “join their journey”. We focus on reminiscing about happier times by having our Members share their memories, old photos, and focus on past-times rather than present. Our Support Team approaches all our Members with empathy, understanding, and active listening to truly assess what our Members need, and ask questions to validate their concerns. We staff appropriately, at approximately 1:5 ratio (although we do variable staff to ensure adequate staffing as our Members disease progresses), this ensures that our Members are getting the attention and time they need to express themselves, and truly get to know our Members so that we can be proactive in anticipating and addressing their concerns.

Comprehensive Memory Care Offerings

  • Trained employees who understand the needs of people with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias and use modern approaches to dementia care
  • Respite
  • Short-term (3+ nights) and long-term accommodations (open-ended stays)
  • Licensed Retirement Home regulated by the RHRA
  • Programs customized to Members’ needs and interests
  • Safety for those with memory loss, where decision making abilities have been diminished.
  • Personal care and grooming assistance in a spa-like setting
  • Hairdressing, esthetics, foot-care, massage and dental hygiene brought to our program regularly to limit the amount of overwhelming outings
  • Continental breakfast, hot lunch, dinner and snacks focusing specifically on the needs of those with memory loss in an interactive environment
  • Social programs catered to those with memory loss
  • Calming, welcoming, and nurturing environment
  • An environment designed using dementia design principles
  • Modern, visually appealing, in a club-like setting

Statement of Philosophy

Our Mission to Our Members

It is our mission to provide you with safe, compassionate, and dignified care, and companionship in an enjoyable and judgement-free environment.  We vow to cater to your needs and your interests.

Our Mission to the Caregivers

It is our mission to give you respite from the day-to-day demands of caregiving, so that you can find balance in your life to focus on whatever else matters to you.

Our Vision

It is our vision to remain ahead of the times by focusing on innovative, new techniques in care and in technology, so that you, our Member, and you, the caregiver, will receive the most up-to-date support to help you through this challenging disease, the best way possible.

Our Locations

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For a personal tour of either of our locations, contact Memory & Company today. We welcome all those living with Memory Loss and their care partners to visit and experience our warm and friendly environment.

We are available 24 hours/day, 7 days/week to answer your questions:

(905) 888-8808 / 1-866-452-1394 


Our Markham Club:


100 Renfrew Drive, Suite 110, Markham Ontario Canada L3R 9R6

Our Oakville Club: 


407 Iroquois Shore Road, Unit 1, Oakville Ontario Canada, L6H 1M3

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