Being in a safe, secure, familiar, and happy environment can enhance the overall health of a person living with Memory Loss. This is why Memory Care services should be introduced during the early stages of a Memory Loss diagnosis to help the person living with Memory Loss age in place.

Aging in place can involve a Memory Care environment such as Memory & Company’s Respite Hotel and Premium Day program.

Benefits of Aging in Place & Memory Care

Quality of Life

One of the major goals of combining aging in place and Memory Care together is to provide a better quality of life for those living with Memory Loss and their care partner(s). Aging in place and Memory care can enhance the comfort, health, and happiness of everyone involved.

Greater Level of Freedom and Independence

Most people prefer to age in place because they want to maintain a sense of independence within familiar surroundings. Creating a Memory Care plan with a focus on aging in place can help individuals living with Memory Loss maintain a sense of connection without feeling like they are a burden to family and to society.

Maintains Familiarity and Comfort

Designing an aging in place program with proper Memory Care allows the person living with Memory Loss to spend more time in a familiar and comfortable place designed for their changing needs.

People Remain Socially Engaged in the Communities

For individuals that are used to being socially active in their communities, using day programs with a memory care focus can keep social connections. Memory Loss may make socialization more difficult, but it doesn’t mean a person should withdraw from the world around them.

Greater Comfort

Memory Loss can be a physically and mentally detrimental condition that can cause a person to feel uncomfortable in different surroundings. Having the proper channels for aging in place and Memory Care can create a warm and inviting environment that may entice precious memories and maintain social and cognitive abilities longer.

Affordable, Convenient, and Cost Savings

Depending on the extent or stage of a Memory Loss condition, costs relating to the care and opportunity for aging in place can vary. Assistance, nursing, housing, physical support retrofits, and medical treatments can play a role in the security and comfort of Memory Care and aging in place.

Slows the Progression of Memory Loss

Participating in Day Programs offering a Memory Care environment may help reduce the progression of the Memory Loss itself. This is because engaging in activities to keep cognitive function active can slow down Memory Loss symptoms.

Easier to Stay Close to Family and Friends

Day programs can prolong the ability for a person to age-in-place at home and can help strengthen the bonds a person living with Memory Loss has with family and friends. Memory Care based day programs helps to support this bond by encouraging communication and socialization abilities with loved ones and friends in the community.

Mental Health Benefits

A structured routine combining aging in place and Memory Care based Day Programs can help boost self-esteem while reducing the risk of depression and anxiety. Being comfortable and feeling safe improves cognitive function and possibly slows the progression of Memory Loss.

Is Aging in Place Different from Memory Care?

Memory Care based Day Programs and the path of aging in place can be both delicate matters, especially during the beginning stages of a diagnosis. These two forms of care can be used in conjunction to enhance the daily life of a person living with Memory Loss and their care partner(s).

As aging in place focuses on providing a safe and comfortable environment for daily living activities, Memory Care Day Programming can be used to enhance these services.

How Memory & Company Supports Aging in Place?

Respite for care partners of those living with Memory Loss is an essential service to enhance not only their own lives but also the lives of those being cared for. Aging in place, whether at-home or in a Memory Care environment, needs the help of a “village”, much like raising a child.

Professional help can make a world of difference as every person living with Memory Loss, and their care partners, deserve the respect and compassion the team at Memory & Company offers. This can be seen with our Premium Day Program and our short-term and long-term accommodations when needed.

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