Short-term Memory Care environments provide the best of both worlds for the person living with Memory Loss and for their care partner(s).

This unique form of Memory Care offers a variety of programs and activities over a period of three days or more in a safe and secure environment. Here, a person living with Memory Loss receives medical care, personalized services, and a chance to engage in social interaction with others. These settings help with daily living activities as needed, nutritious meals, compassionate care, and 24/7 supervision.

For the care partner(s) of the person living with Memory Loss, a short-term care environment provides peace of mind that their loved one is being well care for. It also provides a “break” from the responsibilities for caring for another person and a chance to focus on their own physical and mental health.

Short-term respite care is designed to meet the needs and preferences of the person living with Memory Loss and provides the comforts of “home”. This is incredibly important during the winter season when physical, mental, and emotional challenges become prevalent.

Identifying Winter Challenges

Winter brings sub-zero temperatures, icy conditions, heavy snowfall, and periods of isolation from social interaction. These factors alone pose challenges for those living with a form of Memory Loss. Short-term respite care during the winter season can protect the well-being and health of a those living with Memory Loss as well as their Caregivers.

  • Cold and Icy Conditions: Winter presents hazardous conditions that could be difficult for those with limited mobility or Memory Loss. Safety is a main concern. It is during this season that mobility issues can increase the risk of slips and falls when venturing outside. Additionally, those apt to wander may find themselves in dangerous situations in the winter season without constant supervision. Wandering outside in sub-zero temperatures can be extremely dangerous.
  • Cold and Flu Season: Winter is the prime time for colds, flus, and other respiratory conditions. Many people with a form of Memory Loss have a weak immune system which makes them susceptible to illnesses that can be fatal. Memory Loss can also affect a person’s ability to regulate their own body temperature, making them more likely to get sick. Oftentimes, the need for medical care during the cold/flu season leads to frequent visits to the ER or a walk-in clinic.
  • Increased Social Isolation: The mental and emotional state of a person living with Memory Loss can be affected by isolation from family and friends due to illness and inclement weather conditions. The lack of natural sunlight during the winter season can also generate depression, anxiety, and confusion. This can prompt the “Sundown Syndrome” that occurs with many forms of dementia, as well as seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Short-Term Memory Care Environment

Choosing the right setting for a person living with a Memory Loss requires patience, time, and research. Not all Memory Care environments offer the same level of specialized care, medical services, 24/7 supervision, or other dementia-related services. When contacting various short-term Memory Care environments, make sure to ask administrative staff these key questions.

What type of care do you offer?

When searching for proper and compassionate Memory Care in the Greater Toronto Area, inquire as to the levels of care provided. Follow-up this question by asking about the type of professional care they offer in terms of physicians, nursing staff, personal support workers, and available specialists.

Where are you located?

The location of the Memory Care environment is an important factor for family and friends of the person living with Memory Loss. The ability for frequent visits and access to community services will benefit everyone involved.

What are your rates?

Payment options should be available to accommodate the needs and budget of each person receiving Memory Care. There may be specialized services that are supplementary. Having a detailed structure of the cost with additional charges will prevent any unnecessary financial surprises.

What is your staff-to-member ratio?

Ensure the staff-to-member ratio equates to personalized care 24/7. A higher ratio will enable Members to receive individual care and attention as needed day and night. A standard ratio at Memory & Company starts at one staff member for every five Members.

What are your qualifications?

The Memory Care environments should be licensed, accredited, and regulated by the local and provincial government agencies and organizations. Inquire about staff training and their experience in relation to dementia conditions and care.

What kind of activities and programs do you offer?

The programming for activities and personalized programs should be focused on the individual’s needs and abilities to enhance their quality of life. Ask about physical fitness, cognitive, social, and specialized programs such as music, art, and pet therapy.

How do you handle emergencies?

Inquire as to the emergency protocols in place for any medical emergencies, evacuations, and other related crisis interventions. Are there enough staff members on-hand at any given time to respond promptly, safely, and effectively during an emergency situation?

Can I schedule a tour of the environment?

It is important to schedule a guided tour of the Memory Care environment to learn about the available support for dementia care in the Greater Toronto Area. Seeing first-hand the condition of the setting and the interactions between staff and Members will provide better insight as to the level of care provided.

Choose Memory & Company for a Short-Term Memory Care Environment

As the world’s first Respite Hotel, Memory & Company offers compassionate care at our Markham and Oakville locations. Regulated by the Retirement Homes Regulatory Authority (RHRA) and a Member of the Ontario Retirement Communities Association (ORCA), our short-term and long-term care programs are designed with you and your loved one’s individualized need in mind.

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