Caring for a loved one with Memory Loss is akin to navigating an intricate maze—one where each turn presents new challenges and decisions. For countless families in Markham and Oakville, understanding the array of care options available and finding the perfect fit is paramount in ensuring their loved one not only receives the care they need but thrives in an environment tailored to their unique needs.

Memory & Company is a Memory Care environment with locations in Markham and Oakville. With compassionate care, our Team Members provide short-term care, long-term, and respite accommodations, as well as programs to support those living with Memory Loss and their care partner(s).

Understanding the Memory Care Needs in Markham & Oakville

When it comes to Memory Care in Markham and Oakville, families often grapple with concerns about maintaining the independence of their loved ones while ensuring they have access to social interaction within a familiar community setting.

Memory loss, particularly those types associated with conditions like Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, progresses through various stages. Each stage brings about different care requirements, emphasizing the importance of early diagnosis and personalized care plans.

Dedicated Memory Loss environments assist people living with different stages of Memory Loss. Personalized Memory Care focuses on the person’s physical, medical, and social needs while helping to improve their overall well-being through daily activities.

Memory & Company’s Range of Memory Care Options in Markham & Oakville

Memory & Company is a trusted provider of Memory Care programs and living arrangements for those living with dementia or a form of Memory Loss. The Markham and Oakville settings are designed with safety and security in mind with easy navigation and 24/7 monitoring.

Our specialized programs and medical care are customized to the individual needs of the person living with Memory Loss. We also provide support and resources for care partners and family members. Care is provided by a team of recreational therapists, personal support workers, social workers, nurses, gerontologists, and kinesiologists. A doctor is on-call 24/7 and specialists are available onsite when needed.

  • Respite Care:

    Memory & Company offers both day and overnight respite care with flexible durations, as well as comprehensive support for the person living with Memory Loss and their care partner(s). Accommodations through our Respite Hotel include membership to our Premium Day Program with a focus on physical fitness, cognitive function, socialization, and daily living activities.

  • Short-Term Care:

    Short-term Respite Care is available for stays of three days or more. In addition to the Premium Day Program, Members benefit from comfortable personal accommodations, nursing care, medication management, specialized services, customized physical and social programs, and music, art, and pet therapy. Housekeeping and laundry services as well as nutritious homemade meals and snacks are included in the program.

  • Long-Term Open-Ended Stays:

    For long-term accommodations in Markham and Oakville, we offer the same specialized programs as short-term stays. Our long-term accommodations feature programs to encourage independence. With personalized care plans and 24/7 supervision, Members can benefit from a high quality of life tailored to their specific needs.

  • Premium Day Program:

    The Premium Day Program is a special Club for those living with a form of Memory Loss. Each Member receives a personalized care plan that features therapies and support through socialization and physical activity. Meals, nursing care, medication administration, and customized care are included in our day packages.

  • Specialized Memory Care Program:

    By providing a social setting in a safe and secure environment, the Specialized Memory Care Program features compassionate support and medical care. With a focus on slowing down the progression of Memory Loss symptoms, this form of therapy includes cognitive fitness, physical fitness, socialization, medication management, and personalized programs.

  • Adult Day Program:

    Our Adult Day Program provides a needed “break” for both the person living with Memory Loss and their care partner(s). The program is a structured supportive platform with social activities. Entertainment guests, music classes, and field trips to local community events are supported with supervision.

Choosing the Right Memory Care Option: A Guide for Families

Memory Care activities vary depending on the environment. For a safe and secure setting, a one-level building with no obscure corners or hallways will help to reduce the risk of confusion and wandering, both of which are high safety concerns. Regular “check-ins” and in-room emergency alerts are also an important part of the security system.

Selecting the appropriate Memory Care option involves considering individual needs, preferences, budget, and the level of care required. It’s crucial to visit facilities in person and engage with staff to gain firsthand insight into the care environment and programs offered.

The Memory Care environment should be accredited and regulated by local and provincial government agencies and organizations. All staff should be well-versed, experienced, and educated in Memory Care, and there should be a high staff-to-member ratio for individualized care.

Why Choose Memory & Company?

As the world’s first Respite Hotel, Memory & Company offers the “Gold Standard” in Memory Care at both our Markham and Oakville settings. We are regulated by the Retirement Home Regulatory Authority (RHRA) and we are members of the Ontario Retirement Home Association (ORCA).

Our care is based on a personalized approach. Both locations are constructed with a circular design, calming colours, comfortable décor, and an accessible layout. The entire building uses advanced technology such as sensors and monitors to keep all Members safe and protected.

The programs offered in our Premium Day Program, short-term stays, and long-term accommodations are designed based on the individual’s needs. Support through programs, advocacy, and other resources is available for care partners and family members to navigate this journey.

Contact Memory & Company to Learn More or to Schedule a Visit

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