For families navigating the complexities of dementia and Alzheimer’s care, the decision to pursue short-term or long-term Memory Care is profound. It’s a choice impacting the quality of life for both the individual living with Memory Loss and their loved ones who support them.

The landscape of Memory Care has evolved, thankfully, to offer more than clinical environments. Memory & Company’s Oakville Club is an oasis in this progression, striving to provide supportive, uplifting, and enriching experiences for its Members.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Memory Care Environment

The challenges of home care for individuals living with Memory Loss, especially the isolation, can be difficult. Choosing a Memory Care environment in Oakville that not only provides care but fosters a community and support structure is crucial. Memory & Company recognizes the toll that round-the-clock care can have on families and offers a refuge for Members that promotes engagement and well-being.

Memory care environments are uniquely equipped to address the specific needs of individuals with cognitive impairments. From specially trained staff to environments designed with safety and familiarity in mind, these environments offer a comprehensive level of care. An exceptional Memory Care environment offers accommodations, programs, and activities designed to enhance the quality of life of someone living with Memory Loss and support programs for care partners.

Medical care and supervision are also involved. The Team Members are qualified professionals with the experience and knowledge of caring for individuals with Memory Loss.

Unveiling the Short-Term Stay Experience at Memory & Company

Caregivers often neglect their own health and well-being in service to their loved ones. At Memory & Company, our short-term Respite Care provides care partners and the person living with Memory Loss a temporary getaway of three days or more. Short-term stays allow families the opportunity to rest, recharge, and restore balance while their loved one continues to receive professional care in a comforting environment.

At our Oakville location, Members have comfortable and luxurious suites in a relaxing secure environment designed to enhance their lifestyle. We offer 24-hour security supervision, a minimum of 5:1 staffing ratio, nursing care and support, on-call physician access, recreational therapist support, specialized health services, pharmacy services, and mobile laboratory services for medical testing.

Members can enjoy a variety of amenities during their short-term stay including a movie theatre, recreation games room, fitness room, outdoor lounges, beauty salon, and a state-of-the-art open-concept kitchen.

Discover the Advantages of Long-Term Stays at Memory & Company

Memory & Company also offers Long-term stays in Oakville for those living with Memory Loss and cognitive impairments caused by dementia or brain-related injuries. We are also a licensed Retirement Home.  Our long-term care programs are designed to encourage Members to live as independently as possible while offering support when needed to enhance their physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being. We have a physician available to support the ever changing needs of our Members to ensure the best quality of life possible.

Members receive personalized care plans that adapt to their changing needs, providing a consistent level of comfort and support. Members can also personalize their private stuido suites as much or as little as they choose. At our Oakville environment, we offer 24/7 security, supervision, and personal nursing care. Families are encouraged to visit, and we offer a private family lounge to enjoy some personalized family time.

Each Member has the unique opportunity to engage in social connections and interactions through our customized programs, including our Premium Day Program. The extensive roster of activities, which include artistic and music therapies, is tailored to deliver enjoyment and stimulation in a safe and familiar setting.

The Excellence of Memory & Company’s Oakville Location

The Oakville location offers the same exclusive programs, private suites, and amenities as our Markham site. Each Member receives personalized care with daily living activities and medical needs, including medication management.

Walking through the doors, visitors are greeted by the warmth and camaraderie that defines the Memory & Company experience. Our environment is designed to feel like a welcoming home, not an institution, with cozy spaces and tasteful interiors.

In addition to the customized programs based on the physical, emotional, and social needs of the person living with Memory Loss, we offer on-site appointments for special services such as physiotherapy, hairstyling, and dentistry.

The backbone of Memory & Company’s operation is our highly skilled and empathetic staff. Each team member is dedicated to the well-being of Members, providing not just care but companionship and a familiar face in the community.

Our team consists of Recreation Therapists, Personal Support Workers, Social Workers, Nurses, Physicians, and Gerontologists.

Experience Memory & Company’s Excellence: Schedule a Free Tour for Short-Term or Long-Term Care

The team at Memory & Company welcomes you to schedule a personal tour of our Oakville Club for short-term and long-term accommodation. Regulated by the Retirement Home Regulatory Authority (RHRA) and a member of the Ontario Retirement Homes Communities Association (ORCA), we offer the “gold standard” in Memory Care.

Contact us at (905) 888-8888 or for more information and to book a visit at our Oakville location.