Spring, the season of rejuvenation, brings with it a sense of new beginnings and fresh opportunities. For care partners of those living with Memory Loss, these uplifting themes can sometimes seem at odds with the daily challenges they face.

However, just as nature awakens from its winter slumber, your loved one can blossom into new experiences and happiness, especially with the Premium Day Program at Memory & Company.

This spring, allow Memory & Company’s renowned Premium Day Program to guide your loved one on a transformational adventure. As the world’s first Respite Hotel, our Premium Day Program is available with half and full-day participation, and flexible Memberships to suit each family’s individual needs. Our Premium Day Program is also included in our short-term and long-term accommodation packages. Every program is designed to enhance and support the physical, emotional, mental, and medical needs of those living with Memory Loss.

Below, we explore five reasons to choose this illustrious program for your family member living with Memory Loss.

Spring Awakening: Embracing New Possibilities with Memory & Company

For those living with Memory Loss, staying active and engaged socially during the spring is not only beneficial but essential for maintaining cognitive function. Many traditional Dementia Memory Care settings often fall short of providing the level of engagement necessary to promote growth.

Memory & Company’s Premium Day Program, on the other hand, is a hub for intellectual and social activity and includes cognitive care, physical fitness, socialization, music, art, and pet therapies. All programs, activities, meals, and medication management are provided by highly qualified and knowledgeable Team Members.

5 Reasons to Choose Memory & Company

Reason 1: Tailored Spring Activities

At Memory & Company, we welcome the arrival of spring, and all other seasons, with special events and activities that are accessible for all Members to enjoy. We understand the importance of cognitive care therapies and treatment to enhance each person’s reasoning, thinking, and memory skills. All of our activities and exercises are designed to slow down the memory decline.

After a long dreary winter, everyone deserves a breath of fresh air. With the customized programs and activities at Memory & Company, Members are encouraged to participate in a variety of activities, from gardening to art therapy to spring-themed musical experiences. These activities not only provide joy and a sense of achievement but also enhance cognitive function through a multisensory approach.

Reason 2: Enhanced Socialization Opportunities

Memory Care takes various forms. Customized programs that encourage socialization and focus on the needs and preferences of the person living with Memory Loss can improve their mood and memory. Our Premium Day Program facilitates an environment where participants not only interact but form genuine friendships.

Cognitive and physical fitness programs in conjunction with music, pet, and art therapies can offer a full range of benefits. Regular group activities and support sessions offer your loved one the opportunity to bond with peers and share life’s joys.

Reason 3: Professional Care and Support

When it comes to Dementia Care in Markham and Oakville, Memory & Company strives to provide supportive and compassionate care. Our Team Members consist of personal support workers, nurses, recreational therapists, social workers, gerontologists, and administration who are highly qualified in the field of dementia and brain injuries.

Members also have access to grooming care such as hairstylists, Foot Care, bathing services and aestheticians.

Reason 4: Focus on Mental and Physical Well-Being

A holistic approach to wellness is fundamental in Memory & Company’s philosophy. The program integrates cognitive and physical fitness programs, acknowledging the connection between mind and body. Stimulating mental exercises coupled with tailored fitness regimes ensure that Members achieve a balance in their pursuit of good health.

Cognitive and physical programs have been shown to help reduce anxiety, stress, and depression. By providing enjoyable activities such as gardening, art, and music, Members can improve their brain activity. This comprehensive strategy is further complemented by a nutritious dining program that encourages healthy and enjoyable eating habits.

Reason 5: Peace of Mind for Care Partners

Our Day Program provides a much-needed respite for care partners, offering peace of mind in knowing that their loved one is in a safe and caring environment. The program enables care partners to take a step back and attend to their personal needs, secure in the knowledge that their family member is receiving the highest standard of care.

Our Member to Team Member ratio stands at a minimum of 5:1 to ensure every person receives the personalized care and support required. We offer 24/7 security and medical supervision at both locations.

Let Your Loved One Blossom This Spring: Book a Tour and Free Trial of Memory & Company’s Premium Day Program!

Celebrate the rebirth of warmer temperatures and sunny skies with a personalized tour of Memory & Company’s Markham or Oakville location. Our dedicated Team Members provide compassionate and exceptional care and support through structured and customized programs.

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