Memory Care environments can provide a well-needed outlet for those living with the moderate to later stages of Dementia. Care Partners and families of people living with Dementia may face challenges when it comes to the care and well-being of their loved one. Choosing a Memory Care environment with a structured treatment programs is the first step in getting the support you need.

What Is Dementia Care?

Dementia Care is a specialized program of support for those diagnosed with indicators related to the various stages of their disease. This particular form of Memory Care is beneficial for people who are living with moderate to more advanced dementia and require supervision, assistance, and support. 

How Do Memory Care Environments Help People Living with Dementia?

Reputable Memory Care environments have structured programing focused on neurodegenerative conditions such Dementia. Below are some features of Memory Care environments.  

An Advanced Approach to Dementia Care

Memory Care environments are structured to provide the best and latest advances for anyone living with a form of Memory Loss, including Dementia. The physical and social programs, medical care, and nutritional plans are developed based on the extensive needs of the disease. 

An Understanding and Acceptance of Dementia

With Dementia Care, it is important for the person living with Memory Loss and for their Care Partner(s) and family that the environment is focused on the diagnosis as well as the person. With safety, security, social, and physical goals, the Memory Care environment is designed with individual needs in mind. 

Care Is Open to New Ways of Interaction and Communication

Team Members working at a Memory Care environment are hired for their compassion, understanding, knowledge, and medical skills relating to Dementia. From assisting with daily living activities to social encouragement, the right environment will enhance the life of the person living with Dementia. A reputable Memory Care environment will continue to embrace new findings and advancements in the field. 

Recognition of Potentially Harmful Situations

It is a fact that those needing Dementia Care have a greater risk of becoming involved in dangerous situations, especially if wandering is a regular occurrence. Memory Care environments implement precautionary measures to protect those from becoming lost or exposed to harm. Security features, alarm systems, secured environments, video surveillance, and 24/7 monitoring are physical measures in all environments. 

Proactive Rather Than Reactive

All levels of Dementia Care require proactive planning to prevent hazardous and dangerous situations from occurring. For example, providing on-going monitoring, stimulation, security features, nutritious meals, and social programs is part of the care to help those living with Dementia.  

Specially Designed for Individuals with Dementia

Memory Care environments use knowledgeable designers to create safe and easy-to-navigate spaces utilizing dementia design principles. Persons living with Dementia require a secure environment with comfort, safety, and stimulation in mind. Bright short corridors, intimate rooms, circular environments, high contrast colours and distinctive landmarks are needed within the building. 

Specialized Activities and Amenities

Long-term and short-term care is designed to assist in the day-to-day living of the person living with Dementia. Physical, music, art, and cognitive therapy programs focus on the individual needs which can range from mild to extreme. The level of care available at Memory Care environments varies as some places can only support people with mild limited physical and cognitive abilities. 

Provide a Better Quality of Life Through Dementia Care

Specialized programs for Dementia Care help to provide a better quality of life for those living with Dementia care. As this form of Memory Loss can adversely affect the safety, health, and daily living activities, the goal is to provide adequate nutrition, communication, and support. 

Memory & Company Is Here for Anyone Affected by Dementia

Memory & Company offer specialized programs and accommodations for those living with Memory Loss and their Care Partners. With innovative techniques and technology, our highly qualified Team Members personalized care plans for those needing Memory Care, Alzheimer’s Care, and Dementia Care. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you along this journey.