Being in a Memory Care environment can be both a blessing and an overwhelming time for both the person living with Memory Loss and their care partner(s). Memory Care environments can help to prevent isolation and improve one’s quality of life. There are several ways to help your loved one settle into this new environment. Those living with Memory Loss can transition to a new place with new people with the right support. Here are some helpful tips. 

Participate in Activities of Daily Living by Helping Others

Participating in activities of daily living (ADL’s) that focus on helping others can help maintain self-esteem and sense of being. Helping with recreational activities, preparing snacks, and greeting guests can help return a bit of normalcy to their day. 

Join Local Groups or Clubs

Short-term respite care is a chance for the care partner to tend to other life responsibilities or to engage in some self-care. Memory Care environments offer clubs and groups that encourage those living with Memory Loss to meet new faces and experience socialization. 

Participate in Games

Whether it be physical fitness games, card games, or board games, people living with a form of Memory Loss benefit from mental and physical stimulation. Join in games that are catered towards the particular needs of the participants. 

Organize a Small Party to Introduce Yourself

Memory Care is designed to promote socialization, improve memory skills, and help maintain a good quality of life. To prevent isolation with newcomers, having an introductory party or gathering with food and drinks is a fun and viable solution.  

Set Your Own Pace

People living with Memory Loss may need time to adjust to their new surroundings, especially if the move is to long-term memory care. 

Stay Active

Those living with Memory Loss should be encouraged to take advantage of all of the physical programs involved in the Memory Care environment.  

Partner with Senior Living Staff and Administration

Reduce the fear of the unknown and reduce the chances of confusion in the new environment by having the person living with Memory Loss have consistent caregivers to assist with building relationships.

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Memory & Company offer short- and long-term respite care environments for those living with a form of Memory Loss. Our Team Members provide compassionate care through interactive learning and fun routines for those needing Memory Care.

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