An Adult Day Program specializing in Memory Care is an opportunity to provide support for both the care partners and the person living with Memory Loss. It is a chance to experience social and learning programs while receiving appropriate care.

Care partners also benefit from specialized Memory Care programs by receiving educational support and respite time to recharge their own batteries.

In this article, we will look at the advantages of attending a specialized adult Memory Care program and how it differs from other day programs.

What Is a Specialized Adult Memory Care Program?

At a specialized Adult Memory Care Program, the focus is on helping those living with Memory Loss. The programs center around failure-free, success-oriented programs in a social setting.

As with other specialty programs, an Adult Memory Care Program offers a selection of activities, depending on the Memory Care environment. Services may include activities of daily living, social and recreation programs along with music and art therapy.

Studies have shown that being in a social environment while still receiving specialized care can help slow memory loss and improve sleep and mood.

How Is a Specialized Adult Memory Care based Day Program Different Than a Seniors or Healthcare Focused Day Centre?

With a growing ageing population worldwide, healthcare systems have begun to provide support through various organizations. Most cities have Specialized Adult Care Centres, Social Adult Care Centres, and Adult Healthcare Centres. While the shared goal is to offer support to adults in need, each Centre provides different services.


As expected, the charges for the various types of adult Day Programs are evaluated on the type of care provided along with the environment and services provided.

Specialized Adult Day Programs are roughly a fraction of the cost of obtaining personalized in-home care, with many added benefits including meals and knowledgable professionals. A full day’s rate can be less than hiring a professional care partner for four hours.

Attendees of the Day Program

Deciding which program is suitable for your loved one depends on the person who needs the services.

A Specialized Adult Day Program caters its services to those living with Memory Loss. Individuals may be living with a brain injury, Parkinson’s Disease, or a form of dementia, including Alzheimer’s Disease. The layout of the environment as well as the activities and medical care provided are designed with Memory Loss in mind.

For programs provided at a Social Adult Care Centre, participants are immersed in a wide range of social activities. Designed for independent and assisted living members, these centres vary in offerings. Activities include field trips, music classes, Bingo games, and other entertainment programs.

In comparison, an Adult Healthcare Centre employs a team of medical staff to provide nursing care and related health therapies. Physical, speech, and occupational therapy are the cornerstones of these types of Adult Healthcare Centres. Often considered the middle support, these centres also offer a range of social activities for those requiring more hands-on daily living assistance.

What Are the Specialized Services Provided at Memory Care Programs?

For those living with Memory Loss, an Adult Day Program specializing in Memory Care offers a range of benefits designed to improve the quality of life of its Members and stimulate social interactions.

Cognitive Fitness

Memory Care focuses on programs to help slow Memory Loss. They offer a variety of programs and activities that focus on maintaining ones abilities, and challenge the brain in meaningful ways.

Physical Fitness

Physical fitness activities specializing in Memory Care can help to improve brain activity. In most Adult Day Programs specializing in Memory Care, certified Recreational Therapists design activities based on the individual member’s interests, abilities, and needs.


Socialization and related activities have been critical in the mental and physical stimulation of those living with Memory Loss. An Adult Day Program specializing in Memory Care designs programs for group activities as well as one-on-one learning programs for those living with Memory Loss.

Personalized Programs

For an effective Adult Day Program specializing in Memory Care, activities and programs are customized based on the interests, abilities and needs of the individual living with Memory Loss.

Medication Management

Adult Day Programs are offered by a licensed centre who employees certified Registered Nurses and Registered Practical Nurses for the medical needs of the members.

Trained Staff for All Memory Care Needs

An Adult Day Program specializing in Memory Care provides assisted social and medical support with a team of specialists. Personal Support Workers (PSW), Nurses, Social Service Workers, Recreations Therapists, and Kinesiologists that have the experience and training in working with people living with Memory Loss.

How Does a Specialized Memory Care Program Benefit Its Members and Caregivers?

A Specialized Memory Care Program, such as Memory & Company’s Premium Day Program, offers a social and physical outlet for those living with Memory Loss. With Memory Care-specific programs and activities, the goal is to slow down the progression of Memory Loss while enriching lives.

Care partners of those living with Memory Loss are also provided with support, education, and advocacy for the situations that can arise. An Adult Day Program specializing in Memory Care provides respite for care partners to be able to rest, run errands, and perform other life activities guilt-free.

Choose Memory & Company’s Premium Day Program

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