Want to speak to a person?  Call us at 905.888.8808.

Is there transportation available?2022-07-04T19:24:19-05:00

There are a variety of transportation options throughout the Greater Toronto Area depending on your need.  Memory & Company is happy to supply you a list of hand-to-hand providers, and can help with getting a quote.  We also have applications available for Mobility Plus for those who reside in York Region, and Oakville Transit for those who reside in Oakville.

Can care providers attend with the person living with memory loss?2017-06-20T14:50:05-05:00

Yes!  We have the “Better Together” program that allows both formal and informal care providers to attend and enjoy our club as any of our Members would.

Do you have a catchment area?2022-07-04T19:24:57-05:00

No.  We welcome Members from anywhere.  People travel from near and far to enjoy our unique clubs.

What languages are available?2021-11-23T15:30:48-05:00

We are mostly English-speaking, although our staff speak many languages. We do welcome people of all languages, religions and cultures.

If there is enough Membership interest from a particular language group, we are happy to hire staff to suit the language need.

Are there subsidies available?2022-07-04T19:28:53-05:00

We are HST exempt, tax deductible, and covered by a variety of private insurance plans.

We keep apprised of government subsidies and programs that help cover some or all costs.  Call us to discuss available options.

What is the age of your Members?2022-07-04T19:30:16-05:00

We welcome adults of varying ages who are living with memory loss from Alzheimer’s and related dementias.  We also welcome people who are living with an acquired brain injury, stroke and Parkinson’s.

We attract a younger group of people on average compared to other day programs because of our unique environment.  We also welcome care providers of many different ages so there is always opportunity to make friends of similar ages.

Do you have to have memory loss to attend?2022-07-04T19:30:47-05:00

No, but Memory & Company is a judgement-free space for those living with memory loss.  So long as everyone is supportive and understanding of the needs of those with memory loss, then they are more than welcome to join our Club.

We also have care providers attending our Club, so there are many people at our Club who do not have memory loss.

What types of activities and programs do you provide?2017-06-20T14:48:27-05:00

We offer a wide variety of programs based on the Member’s interest and abilities.  We also ensure that there are a variety of cognitive and physical fitness activities daily.

Our Club’s main focus is showing our Members a good time.  We offer music and art therapies, many recreational activities, spa activities, movies/sports in our theatre, cooking/baking, plant and pet care.

We also are involved in research at our Club with leading universities and hospitals that focus on quality of life improvement for those living with memory loss.

Why are we partnered with universities and hospitals?2017-06-20T14:48:18-05:00

Memory & Company strives to help families living with memory loss to improve their quality of life for today, and for the future.  The best way we can help is to welcome research to gain a better understanding of this unique group of people to create better products for the market, or to gain a valuable understanding of the needs and wants of people living with memory loss.

What kind of food is served?2022-07-04T19:32:10-05:00

We have our own Executive Chefs on site to make fresh, healthy and enjoyable meals. We follow a mind healthy diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and lean meats low in sodium and sugars. We offer alternatives to those who do not like our meal options for the day. We also review what our Members enjoy and base our menu on our Members’ likes.

Can you handle special diets?2017-06-20T14:47:55-05:00

We will do our best to accommodate most dietary restrictions.  We will ensure a safe environment for those with allergies.  Cultural specific diets may be available at an additional cost.

We are not a nut free environment.

Are you wheelchair accessible?2017-06-20T14:47:44-05:00

Yes!  Our space is designed for ease of use for those with mobility disabilities.

For safety, we prohibit the use of motorized scooters indoors.

Do you have lifts available?2022-07-04T19:36:51-05:00

We do not have personal care lifts available.  We will work with care providers to a rent lift for use at our Club.

What is the training of your staff?2017-06-20T14:47:21-05:00

Our staff are a mix of Personal Support Workers (PSW), nurses, social service workers, recreations therapists, and kinesiologists, many with a specialty in Gerontology.

We hire people who are experienced with caring for people living with memory loss, who are team players, and are people persons.

Can people continue to attend Memory & Company as their disease progresses?2022-07-04T19:39:00-05:00

We offer a variety of different care-levels to suit different needs so that our Members can age-in-place with us.  The only time a person can no longer be part of our Club is when they pose a significant safety risk to themselves or others.

Can you link care providers with resources and Information?2017-06-20T14:47:00-05:00

We are happy to help care providers with information.  We can also share best practices, and approaches to caring for someone with memory loss.  This is included in your Membership fees.

Do you accept people with behaviour concerns?2017-06-20T14:46:46-05:00

Memory & Company believes many people living with memory loss experience “responsive behaviours” based on their environment or the approach to care they were given.  We try to remove labels until we have had a chance to assess and spend some time with the individual.

If violence, aggression, or sexual inappropriateness is unavoidable due to their dementia or history of mental illness, then they will not be welcome at our Club until those behaviours are managed by a professional.  We can also assist in linking care providers with resources that may assist with this.

Have you seen any improvements in people attending the Club?2017-06-20T14:46:33-05:00

Yes!  Many of our Members have noticed improvement in memory and communication.  Our Member also experience elevated moods, and a sense of belonging. The most improvement we see is in those who attend two or more days per week.

We have also seen overall improvement in quality of life for care providers who are now taking time for themselves.

Are spa services included in your fees?2017-06-20T14:46:03-05:00

No.  Most spa services are at an additional cost.  Members simply let us know what service they would like (hair dressing, nails, massage, foot care, etc.) and what day and time they would like it.  We make sure the service comes to the Club.

We do occasionally have spa services such as facials, hand massages, paraffin treatments and nail painting as part of our programs.  This would be included in your Membership fee.

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