Long-term, Open-ended Stays in Licensed Retirement Homes

What is Long-Term Memory Care?

At Memory & Company, we offer the Gold Standard of Memory Care in a licenced retirement home setting, providing long-term, open-ended stays meticulously designed to cater to individuals requiring specialized care. Our Clubs are designed to be places anyone would enjoy, equipped to support from the early stages to end-of-life care, ensuring a secure environment where our Members can thrive.

Benefits of Long-Term Memory Care Services at Memory & Company

  • Provides comfort and security to improve quality of life for those with memory impairments.
  • Regulated by the Retirement Home Regulatory Authority (RHRA) and a member of the Ontario Retirement Homes Communities Association (ORCA), ensuring high standards of care.
  • Offers continuous, personalized care tailored to support Members’ individual health- and care-
  • Premium Day Program is included to ensure Members are active and engaged at all times.
  • Aims to enable individuals to live as independently and comfortably as possible, while managing the progressive nature of memory impairments.
  • Delivers peace of mind to families through a safe and supportive care environment.

Who Is Eligible?

Eligibility extends to individuals transitioning from hospital care, those awaiting crisis placement or their preferred long-term care home, and Caregivers seeking extended support. We offer comprehensive care that adapts to the varying levels of Memory Care needs of each individual.

What’s Included in Our Long-Term Memory Care Stay

Our beautiful, private studio and semi-private studio suites are fully furnished and feature accessible washrooms, utilities, and the option for personalization to make you feel at home. Included in the stay are:

  • All meals and snacks, prepared on-site by our Executive C
  • Full assistance with daily living activities.
  • Premium Day Program
  • Comprehensive medication management, 24/7 nursing care, and a weekly visiting physician.
  • Maintenance, laundry, and housekeeping services.

What Services Are Offered?

  • State-of-the-Art Facilities: Our Clubs in Markham and Oakville are fully accessible, equipped with motion sensors, security cameras, and emergency systems to ensure safety and comfort.
  • In-House Dining Services: Enjoy mind-healthy, delicious meals and snacks prepared three times a day by our Executive Chefs, with no need for grocery shopping.
  • Health and Wellness: Our comprehensive health and pharmacy services include weekly visits from a general practitioner and licensed nursing support available 24/7.
  • Premium Amenities: Members have access to hairdressing, foot-care, dental hygiene, physical therapy, and aesthetic services, which can be managed in-house for additional fees.
  • Programs & Activities: We include our Premium Day Program with every stay, focusing on keeping our Members active with a variety of stimulating, social, and recreational activities.

How Much Does It Cost?

Suite Options: Our all-inclusive care rate starts at $350 per day, offering significant benefits over traditional homecare services.

Our Team

Our Team comprises educated, patient, and empathetic professionals, including licenced nurses and pharmacy consultants. We ensure a staffing ratio of at least five Members to one Team Member, providing attentive and specialized care.

What Makes Us Different than Assisted Living?

While some assisted living patients residing in retirement or Long-Term Care may live with Memory Loss, our setting is designed strictly for those needing memory care. Everything about Memory & Company is designed for people living with Memory Loss, unlike many retirement homes where Memory Care is an after-thought of design and staffing.

We believe everyone deserves to be respectfully treated in their own memory loss journey by engaging in daily activities with others. No one is left to sit in their rooms alone at Memory & Company unless they wish to have some private time.

Why Are We a Respite Hotel? 

Our Respite Hotel focuses on the needs of the individual, as well as their Care Partners. By extending a helping hand, we hope to provide support when needed, regardless of the stage of their memory loss journey.

For the Care Partner, we offer emotional and physical support, education, and advocate on your behalf when needed. Our goal is to make your life easier in whatever way you deem necessary.

For the Member, we want to make your life easier to through fun activities that help to slow down the memory loss. In addition to providing a safe environment, we use science-based techniques to open doors of enjoyable therapies, socialization, and cognitive and physical recreation.

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