CTV National News - Heather Wright

A service guests are happy to check into - October 2019

“It’s a comfort for me because I know she’s being well taken care of.” -husband.

CityNews - Audra Brown

Tour of Respite Resort - October 2019

“We’re offering suites for people living with Memory Loss so Caregivers can get a break whenever they’re looking for it.”

CTV News Toronto - Pauline Chan

How Respite Resort has helped husband - October 2019

“A new facility in Markham is promising to raise respite care to new heights.”

CBC - Philip Lee-Shanok

Boutique hotel gives Caregivers a break - October 2019

“This is an essential service that really should be provided to caregivers. You know taking a break and having a chance to do something for yourself to get away from the demands that have been placed on you.” -Alzheimer Society of Canada

National Institute on Ageing, NIA, Ryerson University, logo, Memory & Company

National Institute on Ageing - Dr. Samir Sinha, et al.

Memory & Company identified as solution for working caregivers - March 2018

Memory & Company identified as solution to the challenge, “Provide meaningful experiences for people living with
dementia and respite care for their caregivers.”

Dementia Connections logo, Memory & Company

Dementia Connections - Lauren Denhartog

Memory & Company identified as noteworthy facility - March 2018

“Assisted living facilities are creating thoughtful environments for people with dementia and their loved ones… …Here we present three of these noteworthy facilities.”

CBC - Lauren Pelley

Study finds cognitive improvement - September 2017

“The research team found 80% of participants improved their cognitive functioning.”

International Council on Active Aging - Marilynn Larkin

About the creator, Ashley - September 2016

“Owner/director Ashley Kwong has turned the concept of adult day care on its head in Canada.”

CityNews - Amanda Ferguson

Art Therapy at Memory & Company - January 2016

“With each flick of the wrist, every swoosh of the paintbrush, change is happening at Memory & Company…”

Epoch Times - Becky Zhou

The creator's story - November 2015


Global News Toronto - Christina Stevens

Partnership with York University - October 2015

“It’s a sanctuary…”

“…a care facility in Markham has also been integral in developing a unique program designed to slow down the progress of dementia.”

Metroland Media - Kim Zarzour

A model worth following - September 2015

“Researchers from the London School of Economics, investigating solutions to the dementia care, have visited Memory & Company and are now touting the business as a model worth following.”

Metroland Media - Rachel Levy-McLaughlin

High-tech approach - June 2015

“Canada’s first Alzheimer’s health club is revolutionizing caregiving for those with dementia…”

CTV News Toronto - Pauline Chan

Watched by geriatric specialists in the UK and Brazil - April 2015

“It’s kind of a country club approach. If it all looks very posh, it’s deliberate.” “It hasn’t even been opened but it’s being watched by geriatric specialists in the UK and Brazil.”

CityNews - Audra Brown

Coverage pre-opening - March 2015

“…one Markham company is making their care centre feel more like a day at the spa.” “The Alzheimer Society of Toronto says this day care-like flexibility and security will be a big assistance to families.”

Toronto Sun - Kevin Conner

Support of Alzheimer Society of Toronto - January 2015

“A private health club is looking to provide a new way of caring for Alzheimer’s patients.”


The Smartest Adult Day Program in the World - November 2014

Welcome to a magic blend of health club and rec centre – with wander loop – for those with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Toronto Star - Lauren Pelley

Coverage pre-opening - November 2014

“…the atmosphere will be less clinical, more country club.”