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Memory and Company Team


Affectionately known as the “Dream Team”

Sometimes the best team photo is not the one staged, but the one that captured the moment Greg thought Jennifer was actually going to turn on the electric shaver 🙂

At Memory & Company, our team consists of nurses, personal support workers, recreationists, and social service workers.  But we don’t just look for certificates.  We look for people who understand memory loss, and come with a special skill or talent to make the Club even more entertaining.

Interested in joining our Dream Team?  We are always looking for fun, energetic, and creative people who enjoy working with people living with memory loss, and have unique talents and special life skills above and outside of their caring skills.

We offer a fun and safe working environment, and stress the importance of work/life balance and physical/mental health.

If you have what it takes to join the Dream Team, send your resume to [email protected]

Ashley Kwong, Creator, Owner and Director of Operations, Memory & Company


Creator, Owner, & Director of Operations

Ashley Kwong has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Gerontology/Sociology from McMaster University, and an Activation Coordinator/Gerontology Diploma from George Brown College.

Ashley has over 18 years in the senior care industry, including six years in upper-management for Sunrise Senior Living (three years as Department Coordinator of the Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias neighbourhood, and three years as Executive Director). She was the trainer for all the Executive Directors and dementia neighbourhood Department Coordinators in Eastern Canada, a recipient of an award for Top Executive Director in Ontario, and credited with implementing an activity program in the dementia neighbourhood, a practice now adopted corporate-wide.

Ashley has dreamed of opening her own care-home for seniors since she had her first co-op experience in high school at 17-years-old. As soon as Ashley graduated from high school, she made steps in her life to gain knowledge and experience to be qualified to realize this dream. Ashley looked at this industry every day with an entrepreneurial sense, and looked at where this industry was headed, what was needed to be successful, the strengths and weaknesses of the competitors, and how she could make a mark in this industry.

Ashley recognized a missing and very needed area in the industry, and with the Canada-wide drive towards a future that focused on community-based services, her idea of a Health Club for people with memory loss was brought to life. That is when Memory & Company was created. Ashley is a dedicated, empathetic person, who is very passionate about improving the lives of seniors, especially those with memory loss, dedicating her life to this cause.

In Ashley’s pursuit of her dream, she has been trained in, and has held, every single position under the roof of a care-home.

In 2016, Ashley received a Premiere’s Award nomination for Outstanding Ontario College Graduate in the Health Sciences field.

In 2017, Ashley received George Brown College’s first-ever Alumni Innovator of The Year award.

Ashley can be reached at [email protected]


Creator, Owner, and Director of Innovation & Technology

Victor Kwong is formally trained as an Avionics Maintenance Technician. He started his career fixing communication and navigation systems on airplanes and helicopters but he soon found himself unsatisfied because it lacked the element of human interaction.

Victor then set off to find a new path that would have the most human interaction, and that he would enjoy. He came across teaching and policing.  To “test the waters”, Victor became a high-school supply teacher and volunteered as an Auxiliary Police Officer.

While trying out both fields, Victor took his education and started a company of his own installing electronics in business vehicles, and converting them into mobile offices. At the early age of 21, as a sole-proprietor, Victor got his first taste as an entrepreneur. His professionalism, attention to quality, and most of all, customer service, out-weighed his young age and won him contracts with a provincial government and two universities.

Four years later, in 2000, Victor proudly joined a metropolitan police service.

He spent the first several years as a front-line officer, a scenes-of-crime officer, a collision investigator, and a criminal investigator.  Truly believing that cross-training makes for a better employee, Victor then applied to the service’s corporate side.

While on the job, Victor studied for his Business Analyst certificate, and joined a team tasked with consolidate the service’s numerous records management systems.

Certified in analyzing work-flow and data-flow, his keen and fresh sense of communicating change, and the management of change, was discovered by the service’s Command.  Victor was transferred to the service’s Corporate Communications office where he is now a spokesperson, Public and Media Relations Officer.

Victor is the recipient of an award for rescuing seniors from a fire at a Long-term Care facility. He is also the recipient of a life-saving award for resuscitating a passenger, and coordinating the subsequent emergency landing of the international flight, while off duty.

Victor can be reached at [email protected]

Sarah Rasimus, Director of Member Relations & Nurse, Memory & Company


Director of Member Relations, Nurse & Elder Planning Counselor

Sari (RPN, EPC) graduated from Seneca College with a degree in Gerontology.  Having worked in nursing, private duty, hospitals, retirement and Long-term Care, she is highly regarded as an industry expert with more than 30 years of experience.

Her passion for helping and developing long-term solutions, makes Sari a favourite for the families of our Members.  Sari often says, “our Members aren’t our only clients.  Their families are too.”

Sari can be reached at [email protected]

Katie Carter, Recreation Manager, Memory & Company

Katie Carter

Recreation Manager

Katie has had a strong passion working with people living with memory loss since the beginning of her career.

She holds a Bachelors in Recreation and Leisure Studies, and Honours in Therapeutic Recreation from Brock University.  She is also a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist.

In 2017, Katie presented at the Therapeutic Recreation Ontario Conference discussing Person-Centered Care for Persons with Dementia, teaching others the benefits of personalized goal-based programming.

Katie believes with a little bit of patience and creativity, anything is possible.

Katie can be reached at [email protected]

Kenzie Pelton, Assistant Recreation Manager, Memory & Company

Kenzie Pelton

Assistant Recreation Manager

Kenzie always knew she was destined to work in health care, but it was a course on Aging in her first year at Western University that sparked an epiphany, which lead her to a career in senior care. After obtaining her Bachelors Degree and Double Major in Health Science and Sociology of Health and Aging, she went on to complete her post-graduate education in Therapeutic Recreation.

Kenzie then met her true calling after working for the largest dementia day program in Ontario, and on the dementia neighbourhood in Long-term Care.

Kenzie is excited to be working with seniors in such an exciting time in geriatric care. She lives and works by the words of Robert Ingersoll – “We rise by lifting others”.

Hunter Kwong, Clubhouse Grandson (Principal of Intergenerational Program), Memory & Company

Hunter Kwong

Principal of Intergenerational Program

In short, Hunter comes to the Club to play with the Members after school and on PA Days.  Members look forward to his visits, and Hunter looks forward to showing them his latest toy.

His parents (the owners) look forward to raising a child where memory loss and dementia have no stigma.

Hunter does not have email.  He’s a kid.

Sophie, Clubhouse pet (Principal of Pet Therapy Program), Memory & Company


Principal of Pet Therapy Program

Sophie is a Black Pug and has been volunteering since she was six months old.

Sophie, enjoys warm hugs, her purple dinosaur, and posing for photos in whatever outfit imaginable (as you can see).   She loves hanging out with the Members, especially those who will let her snuggle up to take a nap.

Sophie definitely does not have email.