Why Choose Memory & Company?

When only the best in Memory Care will do, Memory & Company is the ideal place to support families living with Memory Loss.

Why choose Memory & Company? As the world’s first Respite Hotel and Premium Day Program, Memory & Company focuses on supporting families living with Memory Loss by providing Memory Care support when you need it! We offer as little as occasional visits in our Premium Day Program, to short-term stays in our Respite Hotel or long-term stays and open-ended stays for those that need full-time support and care as we are also a licenced Retirement Home. We consult families and custom design a package that suites each and every individual family need.

Dedicated Owners and Support Staff

At Memory & Company, our compassionate and knowledgeable Team Members go the extra mile for each Member and their care partners. This holds true for the support given to each other as a team.

When the world first experienced the COVID-19 pandemic, the owners moved into the Markham Club with their young son to help support fellow Team Members and Club Members to ensure that quality care and support was provided at all times and that they remained as up to date as possible when the pandemic evolved.

Thoughtfully Designed Environment

Both of our locations in Oakville and Markham have been thoughtfully designed to support the needs of people living with Memory Loss. We have designed Memory & Company as a place ANYONE would enjoy. Our unique one storey layout is easy to navigate with a circular design, with no dead ends and a high contrast, but calming colour palette. Our Club is fully wheelchair accessible and designed with décor and furnishings that support the needs of people living with Memory Loss.

Safety and security is also extremely important for us. We use technology throughout our space from motion sensors, to fall sensors. We also equip our Team with iPads and iPhones to monitor safety and security throughout our space and manage Member care plans.

On-Site Nursing Services 24/7

Memory & Company has Registered Practical Nurses onsite 24 hours-a-day, seven days a week to monitor the overall health and well-being of our Members. Memory & Company also has a visiting doctor, on-call lab, and we work directly with MediSystem Pharmacy to ensure all medical and pharmaceutical needs are addressed and communicated in a timely manner.

Mind Healthy Meals

When it comes to healthy eating, our minds and body depend on fresh ingredients rich in antioxidants. At Memory & Company, our Executive Chefs ensure everyone receives delicious, healthy meals and snacks.

Members can expect “brain foods” like whole grains, beans, dark and leafy greens, and berries. All prepared meals are rich in antioxidants and good fats, with nutrition and dietary restrictions in mind.

Recreation-Based Programs and Activities

Memory & Company’s recreation programs are led by qualified Recreational Therapists that are dedicated to slowing Memory Loss and maintaining cognitive health as long as possible. We meet our Members where they are at and customize programs and activities based on their individual needs, and interests. All our programs and activities offered are failure-free and success-oriented. They are designed to encourage and support our Members where they are at today.

We offer a wide range of programs as part of our respite care in Oakville and Markham from cognitive and physical fitness, to music and art therapy programs. We also focus heavily on socialization and activities of daily living to ensure our Members get a well-rounded recreation experience that ensures they have a wonderful time with us.

Personal Care Services Brought to Memory & Company

To help save time and reduce stress on Members and their care partners, Memory & Company is pleased to provide a variety of personal care services at our Respite Hotel. All personal care service providers are vetted prior to ensure they are comfortable and familiar with the needs of people living with Memory Loss. So, instead of travelling to and from hair salons, physiotherapists’ offices, and even the dentist, we have the professionals come here to our Members. Our Members also get Team Member support to help ensure a positive experience.

Our Trained Employees Truly Understand the Needs of People Living with Memory Loss

Another reason why you should choose Memory & Company is because our Team Members have not only been certified in their respected fields, but they understand and the needs and best practices for caring for people living with Memory Loss. Everyone at Memory & Company is trained in the various stages of Alzheimer’s and related dementias, brain injuries, Parkinson’s disease, and Vascular Dementia.

Whether you have direct contact with our personal support workers, nurses, recreational therapists, social workers, or gerontologists, you and your loved one will receive the best supportive and compassionate care at our Respite Hotel.

Added Support System for Caregivers to Help Them through the Dementia Journey

Our Team Members are also here for you, the care partner. In addition to respite care in Oakville and Markham, we provide supportive measures such as resources, education, and advocacy in the context you need the most.

Small Environment Decreases Risk of Outbreaks Compared to Larger Settings

The team at Memory & Company is proud of the resources used to maintain a smaller environment for more personalized care. This is also helpful in reducing the risk of outbreaks within the Club.

At Memory & Company, we also believe in taking a proactive stance on any communicable disease. We have implemented polices and procedures based on science, epidemiology, and common sense to keep everyone safe and healthy.

We keep updated with local, provincial, and federal regulations, policies, and procedures; and we continue to monitor and respond appropriately in this ever-changing time.

Personal Attention to Each Member with High Staffing Ratios

People living with Memory Loss deserve a lot of time and attention to ensure all their needs are met. They require a lot of encouragement, support, and reminders to maintain their abilities longer and ensure they are getting the support they need when they need it. Due to the high needs of our Members, we maintain a minimum five Member to one Team Member ratio.

More Affordable Than Home Care

The costs of our respite care in Oakville and Markham is only a fraction of the price of most home care services, even with our specialized nursing and services. On a relatable scale, one full day program at Memory & Company is equivalent to the cost of four hours of home care.

All of our Membership fees are HST exempt and tax deductible. Furthermore, some critical care health spending accounts, long-term care insurance, and life insurance plans, including business health policies, recognize the professional services of Memory & Company.

Regulated by the RHRA and Members of ORCA

Both of our Memory & Company locations are regulated by the Retirement Home Regulatory Authority (RHRA) and we are members of the Ontario Retirement Home Association (ORCA).

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