A long-term Memory Care environment is like a helping hand for those living with Memory Loss and their care partner(s). As dementia and other Memory Loss conditions require specialized physical care and mental stimulation, going to a long-term care environment offers the best security, comfort, and social care. 

Why You Should Try a Long-Term Stay in the Summer?

In the summer, the warmer weather, the bright sun, and boundless smiles create a warm and inviting environment for those living with a form of dementia or Memory Loss. Summer is also the time when most people plan social gatherings and get outside to enjoy some Vitamin D (an activity that’s great for people living with Memory Loss). 

Memory Care environments often have more social activities in the summer and provide ample opportunities for family and friends to gather and socialize. This encourages participation and engagement of those living with Memory Loss. 

Is a Long-Term Stay a Good Option for People Living with Alzheimer’s and Dementia?

A long-term stay often refers to an open-ended stay where there is no significant timeline or end date for specialized dementia care. It is intended to be a form of respite care for both the person living with Memory Loss and for their care partner(s). 

Long-term stays are designed to enhance the daily living of the person living with Memory Loss. It can help with basic grooming and personal care with consistent and knowledgeable caregivers, engagement into customized social programs, meal preparation, laundry and basic housekeeping duties.

Above all, long-term stays in a Memory Care environment provides a safe and secure place for people living with Memory Loss to thrive. These environments have measures in place such as secure entrances and exits, calming décor, and easy-to-navigate structures. In addition, Team Members are well-versed in the care for those with dementia, Memory Loss, Alzheimer’s, brain injuries, stroke, and Parkinson’s Disease. 

Memory & Company’s Long-Term, Open-Ended Stays 

Memory Loss can be a frightening and overwhelming. For those requiring specialized personal support and care, moving into a long-term accommodation with appropriate medical care is a possibility with Memory & Company.

We provide an open door for those living with Memory Loss and their care partner(s) by way of two locations, Markham Club and our Oakville Club. Our experienced and knowledgeable Team Members are here to help people living with Memory Loss transition into their new environment with support and ease.    

While many environments provide only living quarters and around-the-clock security for those living with Memory Loss, we provide support to live each day to the fullest. We understand the importance of maintaining a good quality of life with the right environment and the right support. 

What’s Included in the Long-Term Stays at Memory & Company?

Both of our Markham and Oakville locations offer specialized programs and personalized care to support the person living with Memory Loss in their everyday living and social activities. That being said, we recognize the importance of privacy and offer those who wish to have quiet reflection the space to do so. 

Premium Day Program

All Members staying with us long-term have full access to our regular Premium Day Program. From day one, Members will enjoy participating in the full activity program, which involves cognitive and physical fitness, socialization, music, pet and art therapies, and personalized programming.

Memory Care & Personal Care Services

Our experienced Team Members provide personal Memory Care and support services to all Members through the Premium Day program and with the overnight accommodations. We also bring in a variety of outside services such as hair sylists, foot nurses, estheticians, and dental hygenists.  

Healthcare Needs

With a team of professional medical staff, we offer medication management and nursing care 24/7. We have a physician on-call with weekly visits for any needs of our Members. To ensure efficient services, we also have access to lab and pharmacy services as needed. 

Safety and Security of Our Suites

All suites are fitted with security measures to protect the physical, emotional, and mental health of each Member. From monitors sensors to intercoms, our Members are monitored to ensure their needs are met when they need it.  

Furnished Suite with a Washroom

Each private suite is fully furnished with a like-home setting to provide comfort and support to someone living with Memory Loss while giving a peace of mind to their loved ones.  Each suite is equipped with a fully accessible two-piece washroom.   

Laundry and Housekeeping

Memory & Company’s Respite Hotel offers daily housekeeping and bed-making service to all Members, both short-term and long-term accommodations. Laundry is offered weekly, or as needed.

Assisted Bathing

As Memory Loss can adversely affect a person’s ability to continue personal grooming, we offer assisted bathing every third night of a consecutive stay. Members can also opt for a daily bath with assistance if preferred for an additional fee. 

Daily Meals

Both the Markham and Oakville locations offer nutritional and delicious meals and snacks made with fresh ingredients. Our Executive Chefs provide in-house dining options to all Members, including those with restricted diets due to health or religious reasons. 

24-Hour Nursing Care

Memory & Company offers advanced medical services to protect the health and welfare of all Members including maintaining one’s integrity and dignity. We have 24-hour nursing care by a licensed medical team of professionals who have experience and compassion in the care of those living with Memory Loss. 

Medication Management

As part of our health and wellness program, we offer secure medication management to all Members. Our services are provided by an onsite licensed registered nurse or a registered practical nurse available 24/7. New and renewing prescriptions are available through our on-call physician who also provides weekly visits to our locations. 

Choose Memory & Company’s Long-Term Stay Option at Our Memory Care Environment

Check out either of Memory & Company’s locations in Markham or Oakville for a comprehensive and guided tour of our amenities. We are dedicated to supporting those living with Memory Loss and their care partner(s). 

We are available 24 hours/day, 7 days/week to answer your questions at (905) 888-8808 or 1-866-452-1394