Living with a form of Memory Loss can create a world of confusion, miscommunication, and isolation. Memory & Company offers a friendly environment for those living with Memory Loss through our Premium Day Program in Markham and Oakville.

Our Premium Day Program is designed to support those living with Memory Loss, and their care partners. It is an exclusive health, spa, and social club focused on the cognitive and physical limitations that Memory Loss can present.

In addition to being regulated by the Retirement Home Regulatory Authority (RHRA), both Memory & Company’s locations are also Members of the Ontario Retirement Home Association (ORCA).

Eligibility Criteria

Members do not need a referral or any formal diagnosis to enjoy our countless activities and services. Memory Loss occurs for many reasons, including brain injury, Parkinson’s Disease, stroke, and dementia conditions such as Alzheimer’s Disease.

As a Club for those living with Memory Loss, Memory & Company does not have age limits for our Members either. Instead, our primary goal is to support anyone with Memory Loss. Therefore, everyone is welcome.


Our Premium Day Program is available 7 days-a-week from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. We customize everything to ensure you get the support you need, when you need it!


We offer both full-day programing and half-day (4 hour) programing for our Premium Day Program specializing in Memory Care.

Our full day membership starts at $105.00 per day, meanwhile our half-day program is $70.00. The full-day program includes breakfast and lunch, snacks, medication management, all programs and activities, support, and resources. We also provide advocacy and training for the care partners of our Members.

For those Members requiring more support, extra fees may apply. All charges are HST exempt, tax deductible, and may be covered under Life & Critical Care insurance plans.


Unfortunately, there are some limitations to our Adult and Premium Day Program, and we may not be able to support all Members within our social environment. We do not have mechanical lifts onsite. For an additional fee, we may be able to rent a device for the Member, however.

We do not allow motorized scooters inside our environment for safety reasons.

We also do not welcome individuals who have a history of violence, aggression, or sexual inappropriateness due to our group environment to ensure our Member and Team Member safety.

Why Choose Memory and Company’s Premium Day Program for Memory Care?

Benefits of our Premium Day Program extend beyond providing a place for Members to meet. We work with Members to enhance and enrich their daily lives through customized and group programs and activities.

Cognitive Care

Cognitive care refers to various therapies and treatments for conscious intellectual activity such as reasoning, memory, and thinking. With these goals in mind, our Premium Day Program focuses on exercises, games, and activities to help slow down Memory Loss.

Physical Fitness

Physical activity has been shown to support and improve brain activity, which is why it is a major component of our Premium Day Program specializing in Memory Care. Our Recreational Therapists design each activity with the individual Member’s interests and needs in mind.


Socialization is key for helping those living with Memory Loss to keep mentally, physically, and socially stimulated. Our Premium Day Program specializing in Memory Care in Markham and Oakville provides activities in group form as well as individually.

Music, Art, and Pet Therapy

For those living with Memory Loss, sometimes the words cannot be found to express feelings and emotions. Music and art therapy can help Members find their voice, not to mention develop a profound grasp of fine motor skills and concentration may have been lost.

Pet therapy is becoming known for an essential tool in the healing world, both physically and mentally. Memory & Company is proud to partner with local trainers to help Members reduce stress and depressive thoughts while boosting mood and energy levels.

Personalized Programs

All programs within our Premium Day Program specializing in Memory Care are customized to meet the interests and needs of individual Members. People living with Memory Loss are often placed in “boxes”, limiting the resources and assistance available to them. At Memory & Company, we recognize every Member for who they are and their abilities.

Meals Included

Members participating in our Premium Day Program are provided with made-to-order breakfast and lunch, with a selection of snacks and beverages provided throughout the day. Our resident Executive Chef uses fresh ingredients to prepare nutritious meals, enriched with good fats and antioxidants. Dietary restrictions, medical diets and some cultural diets are available.

Medication Management

Members who require medication management are assisted by a licensed Registered Nurse or a Registered Practical Nurse. Our Memory Care environment is supported by an on-call doctor and pharmacy and laboratory services as needed.

Trained Staff for All Memory Care Needs

At Memory & Company, we offer a minimum 5:1 ratio. This means that Members can get specialized care from Team Members, including Personal Support Workers, Nurses, Social Service Workers, Recreation Therapists, and Kinesiologists. All Team Members are highly qualified and trained in the field of Memory Loss due to dementia conditions including Alzheimer’s, stroke, Parkinson’s Disease, and acquired brain injuries.

Areas Accessible

Both Memory & Company’s Markham and Oakville locations were designed to support the physical and mental needs of those living with Memory Loss. All areas are wheelchair accessible. Each Memory Loss environment has a circular design, preventing Members from being confused by corners and hallways. The décor and colour scheme provide a calm atmosphere.

Choose Memory and Company’s Premium Day Program Specializing in Memory Care

When looking for an “adult day care center near me”, consider the compassionate care at Memory & Company. As a Memory Care solution for those living with Memory Loss and their care partners, we offer a helping hand while enhancing your life throughout this Memory Loss journey.

Contact us today for more information on our Premium Day Program specializing in Memory Care in Oakville and Markham or if you need information on our Respite Hotel.