As a caregiver, it is critical to maintain self-care physically, mentally, and emotionally. From long-term care to home care to a respite hotel, there are care options available for both the caregiver and person living with memory loss.

To help you choose the best option for your loved one, we will look at the differences between long-term care and home care, as well as determine when a respite hotel may be the better choice.

What Is A Long-Term Care Home?

A Long-term Care home (LTC) is oftentimes referred to as a nursing home. It is a residence for 24-hour personal and nursing care and is government regulated, funded and heavily subsidized. The government will pay for your personal and nursing care. Residents must pay for room and board.

Residents have to be assessed by the Home and Community Care Support Services through the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care to determine eligibility. Most people that access LTC tend to require assistance with daily living such as bathing, dressing, and basic hygiene and can no longer live safely at home.

What Is Home Care?

Home care is a service provided in one’s private home. This allows a person to stay in their own dwelling and receive daily or weekly care from a professional support person. This can be offered publicly through Home and Community Care Support Services and hours and support are allocated based on determined need and is government funded.

Home care can also be accessed privately by reaching out to many different home care companies that will assist with all Activities of Daily living in ones own home. Individuals can book how often they require assistance from 24 hour live-in, to occasional visits.

What Is a Retirement Home?

Retirement Homes are privately owned and operated homes and offer varying services from independent living that is focused on social supports and meals, to assisted living with nursing and medical supports, to Memory Care environments with 24-hour nursing support and care for our most vulnerable.

Retirement Homes are regulated by the Retirement Home Regulatory Authority that enforces care and safety standards and support the rights of Residents. Stays are typically long-term and often used as an alternative to Long-Term Care. Payment is typically out-of-pocket and is not subsidized.

What Is a Respite Hotel?

A Respite Hotel is a new term that refers to short-term overnight respite to support caregivers getting a break from the day-today demands of caregiving for whatever reason. It also helps to support those requiring support and care that normally live in the community but need added support that home-care simply cannot support. Respite Hotels offer everything a retirement home has but allow for shorter stays with commitments only for the booked length of stay.

Most of the people using Memory & Company’s Respite Hotel are required to pay out-of-pocket for the service. That said, the cost out-of-pocket is often far less than hiring a home care professional and offers a more robust service with knowledgeable professionals. Memory & Company is a fraction of the cost of at-home care services and is HST exempt, tax deductible and covered by some insurance plans.

Main Differences between Long-Term Care, Home Care, Retirement Home and Respite Hotels

From medical assistance to social activities, it is important to understand the differences between long-term care, home care, retirement homes and a respite hotel, so that you can make the best decision for both you and your loved one based on your individual needs and budget.

Medical Needs

With LTC homes, the resident’s medical needs are met by an on-call physician, onsite nursing staff, and visiting specialists.

For home care medical services, nurses and specialists visit to attend to short- and long-term health conditions. In select regions, a physician can make a house call.

With Retirement Homes, each home has different offerings. It is important to understand the services available at each location to determine if the home meets the needs for today and for the future. Independent living offers only very light medical support, and care support is only available to those who pre-arrange this assistance when available at select times and additional fees. Often when Memory Care support is needed, residents are no longer eligible for certain retirement homes. Only select Retirement Homes offer Memory Care as it takes specialized staffing, higher staffing ratios and a supportive environment to help ensure the safety of those living with Memory Loss.

Memory & Company’s Respite Hotel offers a fully supported environment with 24-hour nursing, high staffing ratios and very knowledgeable staff that truly understand the needs of people living with memory loss. Our team is trained in best approaches to care, and ensuring our Members remain active and engaged throughout the day, rather than idle in their rooms.

Assistance with Daily Tasks

LTC homes are designed to assist with daily tasks such as hygiene care, dressing, and eating. Cleaning tasks are performed by professional cleaners hired by the facility.

Basic housekeeping services can be provided for people with home care. The caregiver hired helps with cooking, dressing, and hygiene needs.

Retirement Homes often offer packages for care and typically provide an a-la-carte service option based on what each individual requires, from medications management to full assistance with care.

Memory & Company’s Respite Hotels offer a wide range of all-inclusive personal services such as dressing, bathing and medication management. Every Member is assessed for level of care to ensure each person gets the time and attention they deserve to have a successful stay. The housekeeping duties are done by an onsite professional team.

Living Preference

Living arrangements at a LTC home are dependent on the availability of single rooms. Residents may be required to share a room with someone, whether for the long-term or until a single room becomes available.

As home care is done in the client’s home, their arrangements are customized to suit their needs and desires.

Retirement Homes offer a wide variety of accommodations from 2-3 bedroom apartments to shared accommodations based on preference and budget.

Memory & Company’s Respite Hotel offers private rooms for each person. The rooms are fully furnished and have security features throughout to ensure safety

Activities Available

LTC facilities provide daily activities as group participation. This includes games, exercise programs, music, and guest presentations. Some invite musicians and performers to spend time with the residents, while places provide excursions to local events.

Home care workers will participate in activities the person enjoys such as card playing and venturing out to local activities and shopping.

Retirement Homes offering varying programs based on service and level of care provided. Most offer a monthly calendar of activities that residents follow and take upon themselves to attend.

Memory & Company’s Respite Hotel has programs directed by Recreation Therapists and volunteers and hired specialists in the field such music and art therapy. People living with memory loss can engage in various social activities and physical activities to help stimulate their bodies and their minds and improve cognitive function. Memory & Company invites and encourages participation in activities and offers seamless programs so Members are never idle in their rooms.

Safety Protocols

As a LTC home is regulated by provincial laws, this form of residence has security alarms at entrances, video surveillance, and safeguards throughout common rooms and hallways.

Safety protocols are the responsibility of the homeowner with home care. Homeowners may choose to install security systems to alert occupants in case of an emergency.

Retirement Homes offer basic security features. Safety and security varies based on the services offered. Retirement Homes residents can normally come and go as they please and are just responsible to check in and out.

Memory & Company’s Respite Hotel Services

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